Welcome to Bustedbracket.com! If this is your first time playing or you need a quick refresher, follow these five steps to get in the game!
1 Login or sign up for a busted account
2 Join a league! Your commisioner will provide the league name and join word.
Join a League!You will need the leage name and join word provided by the Commish
3 Once the tournament is set on Selection Sunday (late on Mon March 15, EST), click the 'Create Your Bracket' button on your league's page.
4 Click on the team that you think will win the game. There are 63 total games in the tournament and you earn points by correctly predicting winners. The matchup favorite is the team with the lower number beside it. For example, #4 seeds generally do better in the tournament than the #13 seeds. Give it a try below:
Sorry, your browser does not support inline SVG. Kansas 5 Georgia Tech 12 Villanova 4 Cincinnati 13
5 Name your bracket and save your picks before the tournament begins.

Bracket Name

That's it - you are all set! Your league page will automatically update scores after each game. Explore the 'Office Pool' tab above for unique analysis before and during the competition. Have fun!